Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sophie's Development [2 years, 9 months]

This little girl is getting big... let me show you what I mean... here are pictures from all 3 of her Christmases... look how she's grown!

Words: She says some fun new words like telescope and terrific. She also is good at explaining things now when I don't understand a word she says. One day we were sitting on the couch and I was using my arm to block Brielle from crawling off. Sophie said, "Are you like a...?" I couldn't figure out what word she was saying and kept guessing things. Finally, in frustration, she exclaimed, "Like on Dora!! Dora opens the gate!" Ohhhh, a gate! I was so proud of her for thinking of how to explain it to me. She's also done this when I couldn't understand the word brush (she combed her hands through her hair) and star (Grama asked her what she wanted for Christmas and thought she said car, but she was saying star. She started to sing Twinkle Twinkle so understood).

Sleep: Sophie goes to bed well at night but likes to have a  little light so she can sleep. She typically goes to bed at 8:30pm and sleeps until 7am. She takes a nap for around 2 hours every day.

Funny Things: 
- While hitting her belly with her hand: "My hand jumps on my trampoline belly."
- Sophie was crying from falling. Grama: "Sorry, are you getting tired?" Sophie: "No, I just grumpy!"
- Me: "Sophie, can you count them?" (there were 4). Sophie: "Yeah! One...two... three... and another one!"
- "Mommy, I have an idea! When I get big, I will do a flip!" (after watching a Curious George episode about gymnastics)
- One day she showed me her bellybutton and called it a tummy box.
- After stopping to visit friends and they weren't home (Jill, it was you!), Sophie asked, "Did God make them die?" She's been really big into asking if God made things or caused things to happen lately.

Sweet Things:
-"Mommy, I love you. You're a good mommy."
- Pretending to read (she had a coupon): "You are very precious to God."

Bible Knowledge: With it being the Christmas season, Sophie has learned all about baby Jesus. We've read stories and sang songs and seen and colored pictures. It's been fun to teach her about Jesus coming as a baby!

Foods: Raisins, capri suns, pineapple, pretzels. She still really likes all things cheese and milk, but we've been cutting back lately after she's had a month of stomach issues. 

Likes: Trampolines, playing pretend, playing hide and seek, reading books, watching shows, baby dolls and stuffed animals, going to class, singing, animals

Dislikes: Messiness, getting in trouble, sharing, carousel 

 BFF Addie

 Teacher: Miss Bethany (aka Miss Button)

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  1. Omg Alisha! Her long hair makes her look like a gIRL, not a toddler! I definitely see Ben in some of her expressions. What a sweet record you have here; I just love this!