Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brielle's Development [2 Years]

Happy 2nd Birthday to Miss Brielle! It is so fun watching her personality develop and especially seeing how different it is from Sophie's!

She's grown up so much this last year!

Brielle is talking a lot more these days. Her favorite things to say are: blanky, hard, naughty (mostly referring to the dog), water, more, me (when she wants you to sit next to her or hold her), Sophie, Lyla, pray, thank you, excuse me, coat, shoes, skate, hot, fish, yelling "MEN!" (amen) at the end of a prayer, "Where's (insert name)?"

She also likes to repeat "pa" (for paci) over and over again when Lyla is crying. It's the worst when we're in the car and Lyla is crying. Brielle will start crying and say, "Mama... Lyla... pa!" (repeat twenty times).

We've determined that Sophie is our child who SAYS funny things while Brielle is our child who DOES funny things. Thankfully, she makes us laugh a lot... because when she's not doing that, she's making us pull our hair out. Have I mentioned that she likes to let Milo out of his cage at night when she's supposed to be going to bed? And then Milo chews up stuff? Yes, this child teaches me patience and grace (and justice).

Which brings me to the big girl bed move. She is now sharing a bed with Sophie. She does really good at sleeping on it alone at nap time. Bedtime, with Sophie... not so much.

We tried potty training this past month, buuuut I decided it's more important that I love her than that she's potty trained. She DID go on the potty sometimes ... but then she would stand up and continue to pee all over the floor. So we'll wait a few more months.

She's also slowed down in eating lately, so she might lose those cute chubby cheeks.

In a lot of ways, she seems so much older now... but then she cries for twenty minutes over something, and I remember that she's still little.

9am- Wakes up (this girl can SLEEP!), Eat
12pm- Lunch
1-1:30pm- Nap (Typically sleeps two hours)
5:30- Supper
8pm - Bedtime

Loves: Sitting with people, being held by people, eating, playing with baby dolls, blanky, car rides, her sisters, toothpaste, slides, annoying Sophie

Dislikes: The dog, being left alone, being told no, not being able to do what Sophie does

We tried potty training...

But Brielle thinks it's easier just to grab her diapers and call for me

My mom made her a doll carrier 

We played a game- shoot the marshmallows at the cup of cocoa!

She loves siting on the counter while I cook

She really knows her fashion

That face.

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