Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lyla's Development (7 Months)

Lyla Jubilee is 7 months old. She is tiny though, so people are always surprised she's as old as she is. We went to the doctors the other day (I just got a new doctor whom I love!), and we found out she only weighs 11 pounds, 11 ounces. Her head circumference is 16, and she she's 25 1/4 inches long. Since her weight isn't even on the charts, the doctor was a little concerned and is having us give her formula on top of breastfeeding for the next three weeks, and then we'll weigh her again. She won't take a bottle though. Oh, the drama of trying to get a child to gain weight!

She is an excellent eater though. On an average day, she nurses six times a day, eats one whole banana, half a sweet potato, and a third of an avocado. She just doesn't know how to pack fat! To be honest, as a Mama the whole weight thing does stress me out a bit, but I'm reminded daily to take it to the Lord.

Lyla also doesn't sit yet, and I've wondered if that's because of her small size. I'm so looking forward to her sitting so she can entertain herself easier. She is a really great sleeper, but when she's awake, she just wants me to hold her all the time. She's definitely a needy baby. I do think she's become easier in the last few weeks than she was the couple months prior.

This past month, she got her two bottom teeth. She's also become much better at holding things and passing them from hand to hand. 

So I was still swaddling Lyla, and I started wondering if I should not be swaddling anymore. I checked back on Brielle's blogs and realized I stopped swaddling her at 4 months. Oops! So I stopped swaddling Lyla's arms earlier this month, and I think that's actually helped her sleep better.

Likes: Food, being held, blanky, paci, crinkly book, toys with little rings to hold, sleeping

Dislikes: Bottles, being put down

7:30/8am - Nurse/Banana
12pm - Nurse/Food
3pm - Nurse
5:30 - Nurse/Food
8pm - Nurse
10pm - Nurse
(Typically Lyla is awake for 1 hour and 20 minutes after waking up. This is a six feedings schedule which is what she typically does. Sometimes she does five feedings though. I'm really not pushing for five though, with her low weight.)

I started feeling bad that I didn't take many pictures of her with my good camera, so this month I think I overdid it a bit...

 Having her blanket on her face always calms her

She has a reddish tint in her hair. I don't think it'll end up being red, though 

Always chewing on hands

She always pulls up her legs like this

Skinny baby

Decided to pull out the Ergo, and she loved it!

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  1. I've been wondering all week what the doc said! Bummer about the formula, but I really hope it helps her pack on some weight. Go, Lyla, go! She's such a little beauty. God loves her even more than you do; I pray that He'll give you security in that!