Thursday, January 29, 2015

Brielle's Table [Handmade]

I'm kind of tired of store-bought toys. And since Brielle's birthday was just one month after Christmas, and she's the second of three daughters, it was hard to think of anything she even needed. After making a dollhouse for the girls for Christmas, I wanted to make something else for Brielle's birthday. And since I'm a practical person, I thought a kid's table sounded like a great idea.

Between having a handyman husband and Ana White's step-by-step plans, this table was pretty easy to make. I really want to learn how to do some woodworking myself, so I made my husband let me help him as he bought and cut the wood and put together the table. He still did the majority of these steps though.

Here's a little proof that I did do some work. I made this face every.time I cut the wood. But hey, I cut my thumb a month ago with a cutco knife and had to get seven stitches, so sharp (and loud) blades still scare me a bit. But I did it, and this saw was really easy to use!

I was terrible at this stage. I thought drilling would be easy. But I definitely need more practice.

 Here's the table and one chair before being primed and painted.

And here it is after being painted! I chose white for the table and Benjamin Moore's azure for the chairs. I was nervous using white because I want the kids to actually be able to use it... and they have dirty hands and color outside of lines, you know? But my husband reminded me that I could repaint it every night if I really wanted to. I probably won't be that obsessive.

The chairs are advertised as $4 stackable chairs. While we definitely spent no more than $4 per chair (I think less, actually), they don't stack the greatest. They will stack, but it's a tight squeeze, and when I pulled them apart, some of the paint came off. But we don't really need to stack them, so I don't mind.

And of course, we need some pictures of the girls enjoying the table :) 

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  1. How adorable! It's definitely a keepsake for Brielle since you two made it.