Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cloth Diapers: The "Downsides"

Thank you for the great response on my last post about cloth diapers. I've been able to communicate with several of you with more details. Thanks for inquiring! Talking with one of you ladies gave me the idea to post the downsides of cloth diapering. If you're considering cloth diapers, I totally think you should do it!!! But I want you to consider all angles before you jump in so that you're not taken by surprise. So here are what the downsides would be:

1. Time - It takes a little more time
2. The Poo- You have to spend a little more time with the poo. If baby is just breastfed, you can throw the diaper in the bag as is, and just wash! It'll all come out in the wash (the inserts might stain a little, but just wash them with bleach every so often, and you'll be fine... and don't worry, washers are MADE to clean very dirty things and then to totally discard the dirtiness from the washer, so none of the poo will be left in the washer- I promise!). Once they start solids it's a little harder. Most of Sophie's poo's are easy - I can just turn them upside down over the toilet and it comes right out. Occasionally they're not that easy, and that's when you want a diaper sprayer! I rarely have diapers like this, but I know some Mamas have babies who have grosser poo's. If you have a diaper sprayer though, you should be fine!
3. Water Bill- If you pay a water bill, it'll probably go up a little (but it shouldn't be much).
4. Diaper Creams- You have to be careful about diaper creams you use- BUT you shouldn't have rashes often (we've only had one- when she was teething the first time)
5. Learning Process- It's a learning curve at first- you have to be diligent in the beginning to learn what diapers work best for you and what wash routine works best for you.
6. # of Changes- You will probably have to change more often since baby can feel the wetness easier with cloth
7. Big Bum- Cloth is bigger so clothes might seem to fit weird to you at first and baby's bum might seem huge. This doesn't bug me, but I know it bugs some ladies
8. Night Time- If your child is a heavy-wetter, it might be hard for them to make it in one diaper for the whole night. You won't know until you try. We use a BG 4.0 with 1 MF insert and 1 hemp insert.
9. Going Out- Traveling with cloth takes more space than disposables :)

I really had to sit and think for a while to come up with these downsides because honestly, none of these really bother me. I suppose the poo factor sometimes can be frustrating, but it usually doesn't bother me. It also took me a little while to figure out what worked at night, but once I figured out what worked, it's been easy enough.

I hope this post will help those of you who are considering cloth. I hope it won't intimidate you but rather encourage you... these are the only 9 things I could think of, and I sat here a long time to think of them, and quite a few of them are fairly simple factors.

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