Monday, January 2, 2012


1-4 Weeks
Hold Head Up
Rolls Over (Front to Back)
First Smiles

2 Months
Laughs for the First Time
Sleeps through the Night (10pm-6am... doesn't last, haha)

3 Months
Grabs for Toys

4 Months
Rolls Over (Back to Belly)
Finds Toes

5 Months
Pushes Self Backwards
Says "Dada"

6 Months
Gets 1st Tooth
Gets 2nd Tooth
Sits Up

7 Months
Waves "Bye Bye"

8 Months
Gets 3rd Tooth
Learns to Grab Food and Put in Her Mouth
Gets 4th Tooth
Pulls Up
Gets 5th&6th Tooth


  1. Wow! I just noticed that at 4 months, Sophie rolled over from her back to belly. Daisy still has not done that! And she is more than 8 months! Sigh. She will catch up eventually:)

  2. I love this! this was a fantastic idea to put this on your blog. i may need to add something like this to mine ^_^ i love your blogs!

  3. Curtis got his 3, 4, and 5th tooth so far this month, and i'm sure the 6th will pop up in a day or two as well, all during the 8th month, crazy! So yes, our nights have been up down up down more recently. Praying that when the teeth are in he can get back to only waking up 1 time, or i'll even take 2 time if there's a 5 hr gap in between!