Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Letting God Use You as a Mom

I struggle sometimes as a mom to know how I can be used by God. I really enjoy serving, but I often feel like I'm stuck at home with my baby. Today I was reading Warren Wiersbe's Be Joyful (on the book of Philippians) and was encouraged by the following:

"Sometimes God has to put 'chains' on His people to get them to accomplish a 'pioneer advance' that could never happen any other way. Young mothers may feel chained to the home as they care for their children, but God can use those 'chains' to reach people with the message of salvation."

I need to remember this. Sophie and I visited a retirement home last week, and it was encouraging for both the lady we visited (and her roommate) and for me. As a mother, God can use me in just as big of ways as he could before motherhood.

I am currently working on using my time better. I waste a lot of time, and I desire to use my time better for God's glory.

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